The market is shifting back to a seller’s market.  Listings in Hendricks County alone are down 16% compared to last year!.  Take a look around and see if builders are pushing dirt in your area.  There are big changes happening  and big opportunities that are limited.

The fundamentals of cheap abundant houses, low-interest rates and affordability will begin to change with the shift in the housing market.

See the graphic in this post to gain perspective on just how great affordability is at the moment.

As the market improves, prices will rise, interest rates will rise and homes will become less affordable.  It you are thinking about a home purchase now is the time!  Moving up, first homes or dream homes will never more affordable than this year.  At least not in our lifetime!

If you are thinking about selling, fewer listed homes means better pricing for your sale.  And if you are buying after you sell, you get the benefit of these terrific market fundamentals!   If you are an agent, you owe it to your clients to get them in the game!